I'm Julia, I'm 20, I live in California.

shelby came over and we were kissin & being cute as per usual.

we started talking about amusement parks & all the ones we’ve been to & the souvenirs we bought at em as kids

and he turns and looks at me and says “I could listen to you talk about souvenirs for a really long time baby.” talking to him is so effortless, it feels normal. I’m really really really happy & can feel deep in my bones this is real & right & where I need to be.

things learned:
1. acceptance & love towards others who have hurt you is always ideal, but sometimes being fucking mad & letting them know & standing up for yourself is the only way to gain back love & acceptance for yourself.

2. you do not know anyone as well as you think you do, period.

I met the sweetest boy who gives me the sweetest kisses and calls me beautiful. and talking to him is so effortless and lovely. and he seems so genuine & delightful, we just kinda click. it’s nice.

I had a very Intense Day of Existence & all I know is that I have some truly beautiful people in my life & I need to grow up & realize this & cherish them like the lil human angels they are. time to send love to ppl who have hurt me & move on. I feel better. weird how less than 24 hours ago I was scratching my legs into oblivion out of hatred & mania.

I’m about two hours from home. I’m tired. I look gross. I wanna shower.

I’m really happy I went on this trip. I experienced such an overwhelming sense of calm while I was up there for the first time in years. I realize now that everything is connected, change is inevitable and healthy, even when we feel it’s causing the wildfires in our hearts. I forgot fire is cleansing.

I’m realizing that everything is temporary and next to nothing matters. I’m more important in my own life than I believe. It feels good to think that again.

some life notes.

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silly post about how happy i am / life updates!!

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today i went to a small record shop & there’s also a hawaiian coffee shop right next to it so naturally it is my new favorite place to be.

havin lots of introspective feels about 2013 & the upcoming 2014. my main goals are just to be more creative and meet lots of different kinds of people & fill my life with positive energy through art, poetry and skating :~)