pinball house


I’ve been afraid of changing
'Cause I, I've built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I’m getting older too oh yes
I’m getting older too

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Snack Attack | A Great Big Pile of Leaves

I’m trying to be serious and you’re just laughing.

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Feeling hopeful and helpless,
Talking shit all the same
Do you keep having nightmares
About the old gang?
Or when I keep reminding
Myself this will pass,
But myself keeps reminding me
it will come back

Some salty stoned night
You cut up your hair bad again

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I wish he was my boyfriend
I wish he was my boyfriend
I’d love him till the very end
But instead he is just a friend
I wish he was my boyfriend

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Never underestimate the poor, hungry, and desperate
My body is a temple, how much you think I could get for it?
I will take cold showers from now on until I learn
once you fuck the fire all that’s left to do is burn baby burn baby burn

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And I pause where I am for a second when I hear your name
Sometimes I think I see your face in improbable places
Do those moments replay for you?
When I’m suddenly there and then won’t go away
When you’re sitting in the living room reading for the afternoon
Do you put your book down look and try to find me there?

The sunlight frames your silhouette
I think of lighting fireworks, I think of pirouettes

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this city’s got no soul it’s got no room to breathe

it’s got no room to breathe

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You are the leaves at my feet
You are the hum of electric heat
I kept myself away,
But I’m starting to like the pain

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I’ve got my forty ounce, and a system to overthrow.
Know what to worry about, and nowhere to go.
I traded in my hope for a hangover and a headache.
I’m contemplating rope, but can’t tie knots that great.
Who needs love? NOT ME!
Who needs friends? I GOT ME!
Who needs drugs? ME!
Who needs sex? I GOT ME!

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You left my soul bleeding in the dark
So you could be king…
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